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April 9, 2010 / Michelle Ferris

Restaurante Michoacan‎ – Mexican Food in Ballard

So, I’m incredibly fussy about Mexican food.

Nine times out of ten I would rather make it at home than pay the outrageous prices for simple food (beans and rice and some chicken and tortillas for $13? Are you shitting me?).

However, I have found one of the very few exceptions to this rule…

Restaurante Michoacan‎

Don't let the outside fool you. The food is amazing!

Restaurante Michoacan‎, you have impressed me. For two years working near you, I have managed to avoid eating in your establishment. Shame on me, shame on me!

Thank you for existing.

Thank you for making your own salsa in house.

Thank you for bringing me hot tortilla chips.

Thank you for making the best damned veggie burrito I’ve had in ages.

Thank you for having a killer lunch specials menu.

Thank you for having super fast and friendly service, too.

I can’t believe you were right under my nose this whole time and I didn’t know it. I promise I will make it up to you by coming back for dinner soon. And I suggest you do, too.

Restaurante Michoacan

8311 15th Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 789-6933

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  1. kseverny / Apr 9 2010 4:41 pm

    i would if i didnt live across an ocean.
    i do believe you though

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