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August 5, 2010 / Michelle Ferris


Even surrounded by forest

protection from harsh realities,

I was susceptible to his blight.

My heart burned like so much dry tinder,

my regrets gathered like coal.

Full of anger

it moved through my joints

twisting them into gnarled bits

crooked with pain.

A life spent standing,

arms spread


waiting for the rain

but the only fluid that came

was my own sap.

That storm never panned out.

He failed me.

I stood proud and vibrant

as my own hopes stripped me

pulling at great swaths of my bark

pissing in my soil

leaving me to weep sap on the earth.

To recycle my tears.

My knots spiral,


revealing the damage done

as I regrow my skin,

and find my thirst,

long evaporated by drought.

You came to me when I was hurt,



and brought me water.

Ash long ground into the earth

now fertilizing my future

stabilizing my present.

I’ve shed my leaves

like fall debris

blown away in the wind.

I have my thirst,

you are my heart.

Let me grow with you.

© 2010 Michelle Ferris

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  1. Vanessa J / Sep 2 2010 9:40 am

    I like it – particularly these lines:

    “leaving me to weep sap on the earth.

    To recycle my tears.”

    Nice imagery. 🙂

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