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For love,
Friends and family.
All that happy,
Sappy stuff.
May your wishes come true
Don’t forget to consume,
be it turkey,
or fruitcake,
or BMW.
Hope you lit a fire
under Santa’s ass.
Last night,
that Duraflame surely
melted his boots.
Nobody wears real leather anymore.
Don’t forget the eggnog –
Everybodys doing it.
Fill those stockings
to the brim.
Hope you didn’t forget
to buy stock in satsumas.
Tis the season,
for all kinds of fruity stuff,
like magic babies
in mangers
that changed the world.
“Nativity” became
a new word,
rather than a descriptor
of all our birthplaces,
our individual predictions,
for the comings and goings of our lives
scripted in the stars.
When did it become
so selfless that we focus on
And so selfish that we only focus on
I wonder what’s under the tree?
we’re too lazy
to write the whole word.
Mass of Christ
can be a touch uncomfortable,
for those in boxes checked
But it can still be festive,
with lights,
and trees,
and holly.
Presents down,
and ornaments up,
tinsel littering the floor –
I hope the cat doesn’t eat it.
A Merry Christmas to all,
enjoy your cookies and milk.
Your satsumas
and turkey
and presents await.
May your bills
be paid off on time
in full,
with an advance for next X-mas.
There are so many holidays
for a turkey to fear these days.
It’s a good thing
they’ve been bred so much
they’ve become wholly stupid,
drowning in the rain
as they worship the thunder.

© 2008 by Michelle Ferris

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