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Dog Eared Pages

As I sit among the rubble,
books stacked high,
flapped open,
I am a Queen in my kingdom of make-believe,
I have been made to believe.
I believe in what I’ve made.
Is it only a fabrication,
to come unraveled,
a tapestry telling and losing its story in the same moment?
I am greeted with words of wisdom,
what will I have left?
A castle of old pages,
a thousand times reproduced,
knowledge sifted through my fingers,
only to be rewritten again.
Ideas built and destroyed,
reconstituted gray matter.
What is the reaffirmation of strength?
Words are just words,
whether diluted or concentrated through use.
Alongside my craft,
I too dissolve,
wet ink divided into color coded ideas,
leaving only notions of a word,

© 2008 by Michelle Ferris

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