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Past Life

It’s a run-down sort of thing

Making wishes in a well-pennied heap

On hard rock I’ve soiled my dreams

Hopes tossed into an empty stream.

I’m so disappointed,

Not because I’m without you

Because life’s love’s choices,

Bled colors I can’t dilute.

Tried again and again

to wash the past away

Choices you’ve made

Haunt the yester and today.

You’re not willing to change.

Update your beliefs

You believe in luck

But numbers speak.

Corroded copper

Don’t try to stop her

You’re okay with throwing it away

She’s hurt,

She’s done,

She’s gone.

Waited for your awakening

and saw glimpses of light

found myself reflected

in pennies, hardly bright.

I’ve held you in my heart

hoping for things to renew

But now, I’m just blue.


lost pennies

and you.

© Michelle Ferris, 2010

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