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Elimination Diet Camping Food List

Camping is difficult when the typical camp foods are totally thrown out the window. Hot dogs? Burgers? Smores? Chili? Cheese dip? Corn or Potato Chips? Beans? Corn? Sandwiches? Oh no… nope, can’t have any of that, I’m afraid. So, since we don’t have that option available, I’ve started a camping list of other suggestions for good, easy to make foods that can be taken camping!

Breakfast Foods:

Hot quinoa flakes with berries and coconut milk

Eggs and fried sweet potato with onion

Pit roasted sweet potato

Applesauce with cashews and berries

Lunch Foods:

Quinoa stir fry /salad

Beans and rice over cabbage, cilantro, onion, parsley with cider garlic dressing

Rice & salmon with seaweed and coconut aminos

Dinner Foods:


Garlic Green Beans

Grilled asparagus

Mashed Fauxtatoes (cashew cream for sour and butter)

Salad with Goddess  dressing / Vinaigrette

Raw Broccoli Salad


BBQ Salmon with onion, garlic, lemon thyme, parsley

Bison/Lamb kebobs with lemon thyme, S&P, garlic, and dipped in Goddess Dressing.

Rice pasta with “Pesto”







Rice balls (make rice with seaweed, salt, sesame seeds (add last) already in it, and stuff with wad of wet, shredded seaweed)

Sunflower seeds


Hummus with broccoli stalk chips


Mineral Water

Coconut Water

Santa Cruz juice

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