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Twin Towers

Technical difficulties

slowly sifting

hypocrisies so common in our

so-called “democracy.”

Our supposedly

civil society.


Capitalistic industry


to lips and ears that go unseen

that trade between them.

buried secrets –

Gotta keep ’em.

Government manufactured

world conspiracy

Involving and revolving ’round


and deadly weaponry without mercy or  apology.


the opinions of it’s people pulling

to be free

from our culture’s

“kill or be killed”


Centralized and focused on the cash,

so petty

the money

hardly earned legitimately.

A tarnished nation

principles decomposed


eaten away from

the hollow husk it is today.

The future was delivered air mail yesterday.


taken explosively

vanished in the fray.

Tragic vulnerability

to the immorality

of our modern day reality.


from England’s dissect

created to protect

a way of living life unoppressed.

Living with happiness.

A fantastic theory put to the test

but time and records now attest

our freedoms led to a filthy mess.

Our attitude lay coiled

a slithering nest.

We, the people of greed

of war

of conquest

never rest.



pound for pound in human flesh.

They die like us,

but in their death

their words and ideas are reborn,


Martyring and mothering

more dangerous concepts.

Our nation’s way of coping with stress

we’ve prescribed ourselves ignorance and closed-mindedness

and stress the importance of traditions

the morals

of the West

It’s a difficult fact to digest

my country leaves me unimpressed

Blindly led to be bled.


by God because we’re righteous,

I guess.

Culture bleached white

leached those claiming to be selfless.


letting us drift

outdated views fuel war

an apocalyptic shift

that favors keepers of the crypts.

Stale opinions come together

solid as the fist

that brings down the gavel in

house and congress.

Secure in their station or office

they build our children’s coffins

with every name pulled in draft drawings.

And some are bribed to fight

irresistible offerings.

Proposal sounding almost good in times as hard as these.

Contracting time to wipe the slate

change their fate

allowing new beginnings.

Or so they thought

collapsing into themselves from the top.

Sensing justice out of reach because of social rot.

Justice goes unserved because of the problem

our country’s got.

The need for soldiers

is the answer he sought.


This time he’s caught.

Erasing and defacing

the outline in the chalk

of the girl he was chasing

some might call “stalk.”

Money causes lawlesness

and unlearns morals taught

unleashing on the world

the criminals in cops.

Negotiations end in signing up

pawn placed carefully in the plot

and in Our War he fought.

Police questioning kindly stops.

The suspect walks

right into death



And when four years of fighting

is off the clock

if still alive the little things

cause his gun to be cocked

and perpetuating hate

lets his Glock fire down a rain

inflicting pain.

Wild, it’s insane

that we create “born killers” in droves

sent to try or die in flocks.

Innocents jammed between

hard places and the rock.

Signature on file

the charges drop

files vanishing

behind key and lock.

Sweet governmental pillow talk.

History again

yet again reinvented

by those who handle information redirected.


New history inspected by our own government

without the sources

of course.

Who’d contest it?

Civil outburst now prevented

less angry voices heard commenting

heard protesting.

Sugar-coated media

means political ascention

at least until the poll results are sent in.



brought by laws now bent.

Political support thrown to the largest donor check.

Years in office with this mentality

has sent us into wreckage.

But our people are oblivious

to this illness we’re infected.

Still a smile is all we need

no research is invested

in the officers’ objectives

filling in the bubble we lose all our perspective

keeping bigotry in place

by politicians we elected.

And re-elected,

by a bubble, unselective.


lawful corruption now perfected.

Circulations forever in the press

tells our people lies when addressed.

Time moves on and we’re failing to progress.

American pride growing less and less

almost a government to detest.

A system failure in it


the growth of our society’s brightest,


The crumbling infrastructure brought upon itself

this entire mess

these terrorists.

Though with official stories that persist

they continue to insist

with pointed fingers

the blame lay elsewhere.

“Our country’s innocent!”

The truth in our guilt,

we’ve barely seen a glimpse.

Stuck in a country with a government run amok

out of luck

unless we organize

and pluck.

Out with the corrupt

the unjust.

Change is scary

but trust.

It is necessary

we must.

I dream someday I’ll view us

with a lessor degree

of disgust.

To Civil Reinvention,

or Bust.

Take action on the issues discussed.

Make a fuss.

Let the world know you’ve had enough.

Our future is gone

unless we’re tough

enough to create a difference

when Uncle Sam calls our bluff.

As a side note, I wrote this poem two days before 9/11. I had the urge to write, and ended up spending a couple hours with this spilling out of me and tears streaming down my face. Needless to say, I was quite unnerved. The mind is a curious thing. We don’t give it enough credit.

© 2001 by Michelle Ferris

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