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Blue Cheese with Honeydew Basil Preserve

I wanted to try an appetizer that was completely different. A flavor set that would be unique and surprising. Jesse and I had done an antipasto dinner night, and it inspired me… I decided on honeydew, blue cheese (Gorgonzola), and basil. And it was phenomenal. You’ll be sure to impress any dinner party guests.


Half a ripe honeydew (better less ripe than overripe)

1/2 C (packed) basil leaves (minced in food processor)

1 lime (juice)

1 lemon (zest)

1 Tbsp sugar (if necessary)

1/2 C small mint leaves

1 tsp olive oil or flax seed oil

1/2 lb. Blue Cheese / Gorgonzola (enough for about 30 crackers)*

Rice crackers (get a plain, unflavored one. Salted, at most.)


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees, with rack in the middle.
  • Scoop out meat of half the honeydew into a pot. Simmer.
  • Mince basil.
  • Zest lemon.
  • When softened, use ladle or potato masher to mash until smooth.
  • Continue simmering (don’t forget to stir!) until honeydew is a little thinner than the consistency of jam or preserves.
  • Remove from heat. Mash out any remaining lumps, then stir in minced basil and lime juice.
  • Taste. If needed, add sugar (mix well). Set aside to cool.
  • Gently rub mint leaves in oil. Coat well. Set on a cookie sheet with foil over the top. Bake for about 3-5 minutes, or until they are crisp. Cool.
  • Set out your serving tray, and spread a thin layer of the honeydew basil preserve on all the crackers.
  • Put a small slice of the Blue cheese / Gorgonzola cheese on each cracker.
  • Add a crisped mint leaf to the top of each cracker.
  • Sprinkle all with lemon zest.
  • Serve.


*Though this recipe is generally gluten free, many blue cheeses are not gluten free. Be sure to ask, or substitute with a different cheese.

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